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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Beauty and Elegance of Blue Topaz Jewelry

Topaz is the birthstone for those who were born in the month of December. I have developed a fascination for topaz after learning that it is my birthstone. Presently I have collected quite a sizable blue topaz jewelry collection. My favorite is a pair of earrings given to me by my husband on Mother’s Day. Topaz is inexpensive, although it has a dazzling shine and hue that can rival any other gemstone.

In the process of collecting blue topaz jewelry I have discovered a few delightful qualities that can be found in a topaz. This birthstone has a variety of hues ranging from clear ice blue to deep, smoky, aquamarine shades. My blue topaz jewelry collection is a perfect demonstration of these delightful hues that Topaz posses. This variety of hues can sometimes be a bit of a problem especially if you want to wear something to match them.

The earrings my husband gave me were set with magnificent, icy and clear topaz. It captures and reflects light just the same way a fine cut diamond would. However matching them with another piece of jewelry can be a tough challenge. I tried to match it with a rich necklace that has a big stone surround by two smaller ones. This blue topaz jewelry has deep and rich tones and is not very clear. It was stunning but next to the earrings it looked cheap and dirty in comparison.

Although I wanted to wear both of those items, their combination would just not wok. I had to find other pairs in my blue topaz jewelry collection. I had to match the necklace with a darker set of earrings. It was difficult since the icy earnings were my favorite.

Having a keen eye is vital if you want to match precious stones and jewelry. Although it can be challenging I still enjoy the various shades and clarity found in blue topaz jewelry. Maybe the challenge would be little easier if I expand my collection.

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